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red7 is a strategic, analytics driven, B2B shop that creates content, experiences and results for industrial and manufacturing brands. We create industrialized marketing. The end result of our work? Results.

We’re based in Charleston and have an office in Los Angeles. And, we’re happy to meet to talk business anywhere in between.

We’re comprised of craftspeople, inventors, big thinkers and artists. What we all have in common though is that we are absolute, unflinching, unabashed data nerds. We love data and put it to work to make sure what we make produces results.

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Conway Bikeboards
Atlatl Software
Toy Envy
Burger King
General Mills
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"Our trade show leads have quadrupled since engaging with red7."

Dan Matz / ErectaStep

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Dan Matz / ErectaStep

"They gave us what we needed to separate ourselves in the market."

Graeme Murphy / Smart/Tech

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Graeme Murphy / Smart/Tech

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B2B is not business as usual. Buying cycles are longer, product offerings are more intricate, and third parties wield greater influence. To reach B2B customers, you have to think and act differently — all at different times depending upon where prospects are in buying journeys. That’s why we do things differently. We are a full-service shop that is made for manufacturing.

Brand Development

Creating a brand is more than a “killer” logo. It’s defining values, it’s embracing culture, it’s introducing a likeable personality to the world and never wavering from it. Of course, you still need to have a “killer” logo.

Strategic Planning

When you go to market with a well thought out strategy, you maximize your impact, you maximize your marketing spend and you maximize your success. Seems simple, right? It’s not, but it’s easier with a proper strategy.

Event Production

A successful event is 80% planning. The rest is making sure the plan goes accordingly. We excel at both. We’ll remember details, like 8 guests have food allergies. However, we can’t promise Larry from Accounting won’t inhale helium and sing “Tip Toe Through the Tulips” over and over again.


Many say PR is free media. Many have no idea what they are talking about. It takes a lot of smart thinking, savvy persuasion and careful planning to get a brand featured in the “free” media. You can call it sweat equity, you can call it an investment, but you can’t call it free.


The web is a big place. You can tell by its title “world wide web”. There’s a lot to do to be successful in it. Web design, web development, mobile, social media, online marketing, SEO, SEM, email marketing and apps should all work together to create the presence you need to stand out in such a large arena.


How much you say is every bit as important as what you say. Content has become the leading tool to capture audiences. SEO algorithms reward quantity and quality. And just as important to consider, consumers only engage when the content is relevant and captivating.


We define it as - the act of thoughtfully and responsibly connecting a brand with its target through the most appropriate medium. Magazine advertising, web banners, social posts, and everything in between should be considered. In other words, right message, right place, right budget, right outcome.


You may have heard that design is really about solving a problem. But our philosophy is really tied to designing with purpose. The goals may be simple or complex, either way, it’s really not a problem.

Video Production

Video has become the preferred vehicle for content consumption by consumers. It performs better in social posts. It creates interest on web pages. Its very invention was to tell a story better than any single image. We shoot it. We edit it. And we believe in it.

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